Delicious and full of flavour
Milk powder
Contains high concentrations of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Milk powder

Fresh goat’s milk is delicious and full of flavour

Together with our partners, we are the only Swiss agricultural company to produce a goat's milk powder made from 100% fresh goat's milk from Central Switzerland.

A gentle drying method removes the water from pasteurised goat’s milk, after which it is packaged. The goat’s milk powder retains all of the valuable vitamins and minerals you need. Our Central Switzerland goat's milk forms a high-quality food and contains many important vitamins, trace elements and is particularly valuable because of its high content of minerals. These properties make our goat milk powder the ideal companion for the whole family.

Goat’s milk powder

Simple to prepare, our unique goat’s milk product is mild and delicious. You can enjoy a glass of Swiss goat’s milk wherever you are – at home or in the office. Our innovative Swiss goat’s milk powder is unique. You – not the expiry date on a bottle of fresh milk – determine when to enjoy the product. Our goat’s milk powder keeps well, thus minimising food waste. It is produced locally with short transportation routes to avoid CO2 generating imports from within Europe and from Oceania.


Add 2–3 tablespoons (= approx. 25 g) goat’s milk powder to 250 ml cold or hot water (not boiling) and stir well. Tip: Mix your milk powder with water and store in the fridge overnight to enjoy it cold the next day.

Our goat's milk

Healthy and popular
High digestibility of fat and protein Since goat milk has much smaller fat balls, the fat content is significantly lower than that of cow‘s milk. Moreover, the protein composition in goat‘s milk allows the formation of soft, easily digestible doughs. The combination of these two properties can ease the burden on our digestive system and contribute to a general feeling of well-being. Lower lactose content goat‘s milk is not an automatic substitute for people with a diagnosed lactose intolerance but it typically contains less lactose than cow‘s milk. Since it‘s often the amount of lactose that triggers the intolerance and those affected have different levels of tolerance, this might explain why many people can consume goat‘s milk without suffering drawbacks to their health. Further advantages of goat‘s milk: strengthens nerves and is good for combatting stress. Protects and relieves the respiratory tracts. Can have a positive effect on skin problems. 
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