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Finest chocolate made using goat’s milk

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The latest food innovation from Blüemlisberg: Switzerland's first and only goat's milk chocolate. Full of flavour with a light finish. This is the latest chocolate creation of two innovative companies from the heart of Switzerland.

Blüemlisberg AG has worked closely with the Schwyz-based company Max Felchlin AG to produce a milk chocolate made from 100% Central Swiss goat's milk. For more than a century, Felchlin has been a leading company in the production of the finest Swiss chocolate and semi-finished products. From cacao cultivation to refinement: quality, transparency and sustainability are the focus. The goat's milk powder from Blüemlisberg AG has so far been used to create two products that are unique in Switzerland:

Heidi and her goatherder Peter would be proud, because thanks to its exquisitely delicate flavour, the goat's milk chocolate offers moments of harmonious pleasure – a true delicacy. The chocolate changes the character of the goat's milk to create a unique, subtle experience in which the capric acid, which is typical of goat's milk, does not dominate the flavour.

Discover the unique flavour of our Blüemisberg chocolate. Enjoy the incomparable and irresistible delicacy. Exquisite moments of pleasure that you will remember fondly.

"I am an absolute chocolate fan. I prefer dark chocolate because I like the tart sweetness. The dark chocolate from Blüemlisberg is very noble and delicate because of the goat's milk."

Linda Fäh, singer and presenter

“Chocolate makes you fat and is unhealthy", but is this even true?

Did you know?

Chocolate heightens your desire and your mood

Of course, a healthy heart and optimal health are reason enough to be in a good mood. But chocolate, or rather the cocoa it contains, improves your mood in another way: the theobromine it contains, a psychoactive substance with a stimulating effect, acts as a mild stimulant and helps to lift your spirits.

Chocolate is good for your brain

Chocolate can improve blood flow to the brain and cocoa can significantly improve the memory skills of elderly people with impaired mental function. Our goat’s milk chocolate is an excellent choice when you need a quick burst of energy during heavy work or exercise. A chunk of chocolate can also help with mental activities as it restores the body’s glucose balance, giving you a performance boost.

Chocolate can lower blood pressure

The flavonols contained in cocoa in particular are said to promote good health. They dilate the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Most flavonols are found in dark chocolate. The higher the cocoa content, the greater the amount of flavonols it contains.

Reduces the risk of a heart attack

Dark chocolate has a positive effect on cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of a heart attack.

May protect against skin damage

The flavonols contained in chocolate can help the skin protect itself from damage caused by the sun. They also improve blood circulation in the skin, helping to keep it looking taught and nourished. Dark chocolate does not cause pimples or blemished skin, as is often assumed.

Our chocolate range

Goat’s Milk Chocolate Grand Cru 38%

The cocoa content of this delicacy is 38%, the goat's milk powder content is around 26%.

Flavour: unique with aromas of goat's milk, blossom honey, cream caramel, cocoa and alpine salt.

Goat’s Milk Chocolate Dark Milk Venezuela 52%

Launched in December 2020 to expand our range of chocolate, a dark milk chocolate with 52% cocoa content and a goat's milk powder content of around 19%.

Blüemlisberg Pralines

Blüemlisberg pralines are another addition to the Blüemlisberg AG chocolate range. They are perfect for bringing along as a little “thank you” for your host or for giving as a birthday gift. Contains a trio of assorted pralines made from goat’s milk.

Products made using the finest goat's milk from the heart of Switzerland