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Our goat farm

at 1,200 m above sea level

Meeting place of pleasure, nature and relaxation

A Blüemlisberg without goats? Unimaginable today. After all, the animals provide us with many opportunities to run an innovative and sustainable farming business.

Where we call home is the Blüemlisberg goat farm with its unique landscape. This is where people, animals, enjoyment, nature and relaxation are all brought together.

The Blüemlisberg goat farm, built in autumn 2017, offers not only the ideal shed environment for the goats, but also a number of routes for climbing up and down for goats who love to climb. In the brightly lit stable building, the herd of goats can easily spread out and each animal finds its own place to rest. This means that lower-ranking animals experience less stress, which has a positive effect on animal welfare and milk quality.

As a rule, we feed our goats exclusively from the roughage available on the farm at an altitude of 1,200 metres above sea level. The meadows rich in herbs in the mountain zone do not contain as much usable protein, but the numerous essential herbal oils have positive effects on the health of the animals and the quality of the products.

Whenever possible, our animals are treated homeopathically if they show any symptoms of illness. We take great care to prevent our animals experiencing problems and to ensure their well-being. We also ensure they get plenty of exercise, time in the pasture and handle them with care to keep the goats fit and healthy at all ages.

We started off with 90 goats and six Galloway cattle, and every spring we add more than 100 kids to our goat herd. Our goats “kid” on a seasonal basis. So for about three months in winter, there is no milking. This allows the goats to enjoy their well-deserved rest.

Great for the goat and great for us!

Operating data

Total farm area:

41.8 hectares
Agricultural area: 26.8 hectares
Forest, meadows, water: 15 hectares

Zone category:

Mountain zone III
Elevation: 1,200 m above sea level


Saanen goats, chamois coloured goats and Galloway cows

Products made using the finest goat's milk from the heart of Switzerland