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Produced using 100% goat’s milk from the Blüemlisberg mountain. We take pure goat’s milk from our Blüemlisberg goat farm and refine it further on the farm itself. At 1,200 m above sea level, this is one of Europe’s highest ice cream manufactories producing a light fruity-fresh goat’s milk ice cream.

Our innovative gelato ice creams are simply delicious, light and unique. We have succeeded in developing a recipe for a light and low-fat ice cream – a wonderfully delicious creation that your figure will thank you for!

Ice cream production takes place at 1,200 m above sea level

When deciding whether to transport the milk down to machines into the valley, or whether to bring the machines up the mountain to the goats, we found the best answer for producing perfect goat’s milk ice cream to be the installation of our small but excellent ice cream manufactory. Our goat’s milk ice cream is produced right here on-site. We make 12 exquisite varieties using our very own recipe. Modern facilities and a high-end ice cream maker guarantee high-quality standards.

We are highly conscious of sustainability and craftsmanship when manufacturing our products. We therefore use short transport routes, local labour and ensure the value we create remains in the local area.

Step 1


We use a ‘warm’ production method, pasteurising our goat’s milk and the basic ingredients together in a pasteurisation vat. The stirring system ensures a smooth and homogenous mix

Step 2


Once pasteurisation is complete, the goat’s milk mixture is cooled. The milk mixture is then left for around 12 hours in a cold store.

Step 3

The following day

The goat’s milk mixture is mixed together with the fruit using a high-frequency mixer. The mixture then goes into the diagonal freezer. This extrudes a dry, smooth and stable goat’s milk ice cream. Using a rotating shock freezer, the extruded ice cream can be filled directly into containers without any risk of recrystallisation.

Step 4


Our goat’s milk ice cream is filled either directly into standard containers from the diagonal freezer for use in catering & ice cream shops, or via a filling system into our Blüemlisberg cups.

Step 5

Packaging & labelling

Products are then packaged and labelled. All products come in standardised packaging units with GS1 barcodes.

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Goat’s milk specialities in many different varieties
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Products made using the finest goat's milk from the heart of Switzerland