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Goat meat

Goat meat plays a central role in the culinary traditions of many cultures, most notably in the cuisines of India, southern Europe and northern Africa as well as the Middle East. In Europe, goat meat is considered a speciality and a delicacy.

Goat meat has a low fat content, is low in cholesterol and therefore also very healthy. The meat is tender and very easy to digest. At just 143 calories per 100 g, it is low-calorie and ideal for healthy eating – it should therefore be included in everyone’s nutrition plan, and is not just for the weight-conscious.

The goat was once a welcome alternative to cows or pigs, especially among the poor and in areas with low soil fertility. The goat is therefore known as the "poor man's cow" not only for its milk but also for its meat.

In Switzerland, especially around Easter, goat meat is featured on many menus as "Ostergitzi”. Goat meat is mild in flavour with a neutral smell.

It is little surprise then, that we have conjured up the finest meat creations together with our local beef specialists. We regularly have new products for you to enjoy. Gourmands with an appreciation for goat meat should get in touch with us directly to discuss what they are looking for.

Galloway Beef

Our Galloway cows of Scottish origin are genetically polled and very tough. They spend almost the entire year (except when there is snow) in the extensive pasture atop the Blüemlisberg mountain. They are loving, placid and get along wonderfully with our lively goats.

As any meat sommelier will tell you, Galloways provide the best marbled cuts with an ideal fat-to-meat ratio. A gourmet beef like no other – simply exquisite!

Never tried it? Then what are you waiting for? However, this beef is only for quality-conscious meat connoisseurs.


Goat Meat Salami

The “Huuswürschtli”, a type of salametti, is made from Blüemlisberg goat meat. A fine delicacy consisting of a mixture of goat meat and pork with a typical, traditional flavour.

Goat Meat Bratwurst

The bratwurst is made from Blüemlisberg goat meat. An unbelievably crisp and flavoursome bratwurst. The perfect way to kick off a barbecue.

Goat Meat Burger

The burger is made from 100% Blüemlisberg goat meat. An unbelievably tasty burger and perfect for serving with chips or salad.

Products made using the finest goat's milk from the heart of Switzerland