Natural care for super soft skin
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Even the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra appreciated the beauty elixir goat milk


Natural care for super soft skin

Goat’s milk was already known in ancient times for its health properties. The Greek doctor Hippocrates extolled it as an elixir of life and even the Egyptian queen Cleopatra valued goat’s milk for its beautifying effects.

Goat’s milk is said to have many positive properties and healing effects. Goat’s milk and its derivatives are common ingredients in household remedies.


It is hardly surprising then, that goat’s milk is used not only as a delicious source of nutrition, but can also be used in cosmetics. Perfect for the sophisticated lady and sophisticated gentleman, we have worked for many months together with our partner in cosmetics to develop ours Blüemlisberg face & hand cream. These are made entirely without any chemical additives and without any animal testing.

Goat’s milk in cosmetics

Healthy and popular
Moisturising Our cosmetic products are non-greasy, are absorbed quickly into the skin and moisturising – a healthy natural product for demanding skin and daily body care!  Strengthens cells  It is said that goat’s milk has a protective and renewing effect on cells. It has a high vitamin content (A, B1, B2, B6, Biotin, C and D), is rich in minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium) and moisture factors such as panthenol. High-quality oils and coenzymes such as Q10 nourish the skin and prevent ageing.  Regenerates the skin  Goat’s milk contains vitamins A and E which work to regenerate the skin. The milk fats have a soothing effect. Milk enzymes stimulate cell creation and the resulting lactic acid moisturises.  

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