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The milk produced by our 100 goats is a real all-rounder. It is said to be effective against stress and strengthens the nerves. Here at Blüemlisberg, it is available not only as much sought-after, ice-cold gelato ice cream or chocolate, but also in the form of cheese.

Goat’s cheese is one of few vegetarian foods that is an effective source of vitamin A and B12 for the body. Goat’s cheese, a real superfood, contains ample calcium, chloride phosphorus, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and organically bound iodine.

Additionally, goat’s cheeses contain a protein that is particularly easy to digest and which can be quickly and readily absorbed by the human body.

These Blüemlisberg goat’s cheese specialities have been created in partnership with Käserei Odermatt from Dallenwil. Patrick Odermatt, owner of the goat’s milk cheese dairy is always experimenting to produce even more new delicacies for us. We are very happy to be working with someone of such expertise.

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Goat’s cheese

Fancy some goat’s cheese? Probably the world’s oldest type of cheese, it is still very popular today. In Switzerland too, goat’s cheese is rising in popularity. Our goat’s cheese is an absolute MUST-HAVE for connoisseurs and the health-conscious.

We stock goat’s cheese in natural, chilli and herb varieties.

Apéro Möckli Hard Cheese

Hard, full-fat Swiss cheese made from pasteurised goat’s milk. Perfect for party platters or simply for snacking on.


Fresh cheese made from 100% full-fat, pasteurised goat’s milk, with Swiss rapeseed oil and herbs. An excellent addition to any salad or for enjoying with drinks.

Products made using the finest goat's milk from the heart of Switzerland