Fairy Tale Afternoon with Mary Palkoska

Mary will tell the story of Kira and Jacky on the Blüemlisberg. Before or after, you can give free rein to your decorating skills by pouring chocolate in the Blüemlisberg farm shop.   ..

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Chocolate pouring with Aeschbach Chocolatier

Mmmhh so delicious... Pour and decorate your own goat's milk chocolate bar together with Chocolatier Aeschbach ..

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The goat farm

Our goat farm at 1200 m above sea level

Our home is located on the Blüemlisberg mountain, 1200 m above sea level, with fantastic views of the Schwyz valleys. We are easily reached using the Sattel-Hochstuckli cable car and an approximately 45-minute stroll along the Rundweg circular mountain trail that takes you around the Engelstock.

Our products

Everything the heart desires

Goat’s milk is a well-known raw material that can be used to produce a wide range of exquisite, high-quality products. It is this that led us to ensure that we produce, refine and market our products ourselves as much as possible. Ensuring the wellbeing of our animals, sustainable production and innovation are central to what we do. We are passionate about our animals that we keep on the Blüemlisberg mountain and produce authentic handcrafted products.


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Fresh Blüemlisberg goat’s milk is an exclusive natural product. Our goats provide us with their milk and we don’t interfere with them in any way should the amount of milk produced be a little lower than usual. As the weather and seasons change, we sometimes find ourselves with a little less goat’s milk available, meaning that our range of products may be reduced. We kindly ask for your understanding when this happens.

Our goat's milk

Healthy and popular

High digestibility of fat and protein Since goat milk has much smaller fat balls, the fat content is significantly lower than that of cow‘s milk. Moreover, the protein composition in goat‘s milk allows the formation of soft, easily digestible doughs. The combination of these two properties can ease the burden on our digestive system and contribute to a general feeling of well-being. Lower lactose content goat‘s milk is not an automatic substitute for people with a diagnosed lactose intolerance but it typically contains less lactose than cow‘s milk. Since it‘s often the amount of lactose that triggers the intolerance and those affected have different levels of tolerance, this might explain why many people can consume goat‘s milk without suffering drawbacks to their health. Further advantages of goat‘s milk: strengthens nerves and is good for combatting stress. Protects and relieves the respiratory tracts. Can have a positive effect on skin problems. 

Products made using the finestSchweizgoat’s milk from the heart of Switzerland