Blüemlisberg AG

The brains behind the operation

Blüemlisberg AG was founded in May 2016 for the purpose producing and selling goat’s milk products in the “Fine Foods” sector.

To produce high-quality food products on the Blüemlisberg mountain we require happy animals. Thanks to our great team, we have the necessary capacity and creativity to constantly come up with new products for all our guests, both young and old. Allow yourself to be tempted by unique delicacies, all produced by our goats.

Thomas Schmid


Arlette Tresch-Gisler

Head of Sales & Marketing

Anja Tresch

Head of Administration

Andreas Wipfli

Head of Supply Chain Management

Denise Smit


Ingo Treskatsch


Sandra Sidler

Employee agriculture

Alessandro Mauri

Employees agriculture

Paul Schnüriger


Josef Schnüriger


Products made using the finestSchweizgoat’s milk from the heart of Switzerland