We are proud to have David Geisser, also known as "Switzerland's next Jamie Oliver", as ambassador of the Blüemlisberg. As a TV chef and editor of several cookery books, David is the right man to stage our delicacies perfectly. www.davidgeisser.ch

We work closely with the people at Sattel Hochstuckli to give visitors of all ages an unforgettable trip on the revolving gondola cable car. This is followed by an easy walk to our Blüemlisberg goat farm along a trail that is open all year round and suitable for buggies.

Trybol AG, based in Schaffhausen, produce our cosmetics line using our goat’s milk powder. Testing lasting many months was needed to create our shampoos, body lotions and face & hand creams.

Together with this Schwyz-based chocolate producer, we make Switzerland’s first and only chocolate coating that uses goat’s milk.

HEIDI Chocolaterie Suisse SA, based in Lucerne, pours the chocolate coating produced by Felchlin AG into our own custom made moulds. The chocolate is packaged as ready to consume bars of chocolate.

Our partner for goat’s milk dairy products comes from Canton Nidwalden. Patrick Odermatt is the owner of the Käserei Odermatt cheese dairy, putting his heart and soul into his business. He continuously comes up with new speciality creations for us.

Products made using the finestSchweizgoat’s milk from the heart of Switzerland