We are proud to have David Geisser, also known as "Switzerland's next Jamie Oliver", as ambassador of the Blüemlisberg. As a TV-cook and editor of several cookery books, David is the right man to stage our delicacies perfectly.
In 2013 David Geisser was in the service of the Papal Swiss Guard and wrote his third cookbook "Buon Appetito" there, which achieved international success, in addition to his two years of service. This was followed by his own YouTube channel and the publication of his fourth cookbook "Apéro Riche". In 2018 he opened his own cookery studio in Wermatswil/ZH. This now enables him to pass on his experience in a practical way. Since 2019, David Geisser has also his own TV cooking show on the TVO channel called "Choche und Gnüsse mit David Geisser".
David is not only known in Switzerland and Rome, he travels around the world and has been a guest on several American talk shows.
We are looking forward to an exciting and promising cooperation.
Picture caption: Thomas Schmid, owner of Blüemlisberg AG (left) together with David Geisser, Ambassador of Blüemlisberg AG (right)
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