They came from all over German-speaking Switzerland - the seven photographers who took part in the first Instameet last Saturday on the Sattel-Hochstuckli. "Follow us into the Schwyz mountains" was the title of the invitation, which was addressed to influencers and photographers from all over Switzerland. The three innovative companies Blüemlisberg AG, Sattel-Hochstuckli AG and Berggasthaus Herrenboden invited to this first Instameet in the canton of Schwyz. Seven influencers, landscape and animal photographers from the cantons of Schwyz, Zug, Aargau, Lucerne, Zurich, Thurgau and Uri met last Saturday, 13 June 2020, at the valley station of the Sattel-Hochstuckli.


Promoting the beauty of the Schwyz mountain landscape
After a short welcome, the colourful group started with the first highlight: the ride on the world's first revolving gondola from Sattel-Hochstuckli. Arriving on top of the Mostelberg, the ladies and gentlemen fortified themselves with croissants and coffee before the action-packed part began. "Racy," one said, "mega cool" the other. What they meant was a ride on the toboggan run or the tubing run. Afterwards we crossed one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in Europe. The suspension bridge "Raiffeisen Skywalk" extends over 374 m and is up to 58 m high. Despite the adrenaline rush, it was possible to enjoy the magnificent view of the Aegeri Valley and the varied mountain world.


A lunch of superlatives
After a short walk through the beautiful mountain landscape, the group reached the restaurant Herrenboden with a rumbling stomach. The landlord and landlady Julia Scheuber and Silvan Betschart welcomed the guests. After a welcome drink, the kitchen staff was allowed to look over the shoulders of the guests. "I didn't expect a lunch like this," said one participant. What Silvan Betschart, chef at the Herrenboden, conjured up on your plate in a 3-course menu was simply fantastic.


Cold delicacies at the end
A digestive walk then led the influencers and photographers along the circular trail with wonderful views of the Schwyz valley floor around the Engelstock to the Blüemlisberg. As a start-up company, Blüemlisberg AG creates exclusive delicacies from its goat milk. Nobody wanted to do without one of them, namely the unique goat milk ice cream. After a few photo shoots with the goats around the Blüemlisberg, the group made their way home with many new impressions, full memory cards and happy.

Products made using the finestSchweizgoat’s milk from the heart of Switzerland